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I have absolutely no doubt that warnings about a day of the Lord scheduled for May 21 of this year are false.

In fact, nobody could be as sure as I am that this is a bad call unless they were themselves a ‘seer’ into such dark matters.  All right then.  It so happens I’ve had a vision.

What’s different about my vision is that it grants me not a view of the future but a hindsight of the past – in the light of which I most solemnly warn you that the end of the first Christian dispensation has already happened.

I cannot account for the fact that such old news has been vouchsafed only to me (or perhaps to a few others too cowardly to come forward).  But I know the Pope and the Archbishops were never told – not even the Synod or the NCC had a clue.  And forget about the Evangelicals and the Jews – God tells them nothing.

As to times and seasons, God knows – the past is almost as inscrutable as the future.  I claim no knowledge of specific dates, but only a kind of ballpark figure.  But what I’m seeing is not pretty and it’s as clear as rain – God very quietly and unequivocally wrote off the old Christian dispensation as ‘not good enough’ for his Son at some point during or shortly after the First World War.  Believe me.

NO, this is not about the Apocalypse called by the Jehovah’s Witnesses for the year 1914 – that was no different than this latest May 21st deal – a makeshift built on Daniel’s well-known figure of 1260.  It always comes down to these numbers in Daniel, and it’s always wrong.  It was a lucky hit for the Witnesses that a World War started that year.  For them the excitement ended Jan. 1, 1915, when it was evident God was featuring no special effects other than the destruction of Christian civilization.  Whatever, membership was up, the mistake was forgotten, they moved on.

But for God this was a big thing.  Again, I can’t pin-point the year for you, but I’m telling you what I know.  ‘The End’ of the old Christian dispensation came during one of those crazy, shifting, catastrophic years between our two secular World Wars – after a near-total failure by the Christian leadership to stand by the Gospel of Jesus in the summer of 1914.  From then on the Reformation ‘gospel’ was out on the dung heap with the Pope’s tiara as far as God was concerned.

Meanwhile God’s life goes on in temples not made with hands…  but those external, sectarian forms of Christianity we see ‘still rolling along’ are moving not by the grace of God any more but only by virtue of an original divine impetus – the same kind of motion a long train would exhibit on a very gentle but steady backwards downgrade after being decoupled from its engine.

The plan was not for Christianity to go away (clearly) but God definitely wanted a new model, a second dispensation, with an effective peace testimony and an end to the awful man-made creeds which had been mistaken for faith and only got in the way of his Son’s offer of love and salvation to all who sought him in spirit and in truth (God’s still waiting).

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