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Reblogging my Mothers Day essay here at the old address (posted yesterday at Everyday Apocalypse).

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The Most High rules

This is a recent post at my new blog, where I am trying to clean up and trim down the old posts a bit, to concentrate on developing theological themes of revelation, prayer, providence, divine action, Incarnation, history and apocalypse. My apologies to wordpress subscribers, who will be seeing this one a second time. I don’t know if my split venue will be able to work in the long run, but for the time being I’m favoring the new blog and running copies on this one.

Everyday Apocalypse

Elyon (‘God Most High’) is one of the biblical names for God. Not as common as Yahweh or El, but I think we need to look hard at the uncommon in the Bible – because rarities can characterize early as well as late texts.

This divine name, Elyon, always appears in the Bible in the most beautiful prophetic and poetic fragments; we never find it admixed with those tedious lines of racial narrative and high-priestly detail. I think poetry works better than prose to preserve a revelation in relatively unadulterated state. Its fixed structure is more resistant to redaction by later editors, because it is more difficult to adapt or change than a line of narrative.

The Elyon poetry is represented in strata of all three high watermarks in Israel’s recorded history of relation to God – from the time of Abraham (Gen 14:18), to that of…

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